A spiritual director is the Christian who watches in amazement the marvels of God as they unfold in another’s heart.
— W. Paul Jones, The Art of Spiritual Direction


  • Listened to & Understood

  • Spiritual Counsel

  • Discernment & Prayer

Spiritual Direction is a one-on-one relationship based on discernment, prayer and counseling. A Spiritual Director assists you through the various seasons of faith. Through integrating knowledge, theory, and skills in theology, philosophy and psychology, a Spiritual Director can become a supportive and crucial guide on the road to maturity in Christ. (Eph 4.12)

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  • Scripture & Prayer

  • Listening

  • Growing Knowledge of God & Self

  • Confidentiality

The practice of Spiritual Direction catalyzes the core power in the Christian life: a personal connection to God through prayer. By creating a sacred space for listening to the minds heaviest questions and the hearts deepest desires, you can begin to integrate theological knowledge of God with the everyday issues of the heart, all while being with a guide who is loving, caring, and supporting God’s loving process in your soul.


  • Meet & Learn

  • Pray & Reflect

  • Listen & Grow

Spiritual Direction is a dynamic relationship that can be powerful in just one meeting and can grow deeper over time. An initial session is very informal and conversational, learning about who you are and your desires for Spiritual Direction, helping you understand the nature of Spiritual Direction. The continuing session may include sharing portions of your Christian journey, prayer life, core relationships, lifestyle, and anything else you feel is pertinent to discernment and growth in your relationship with God. All of this becomes the fodder for continued growth in rhythms of discipleship with Jesus.


  • Begin to Slow Down

  • Notice How God is Already Active

  • Learn to Trust in All Seasons

The Spiritual Direction experience will help you begin to slow down by creating space for you to pause, think, pray, notice, and speak. The steady pace is intentional for you and the Spiritual Director to notice how God is already active in your story. As you notice, the opportunity to listen, learn and respond to God’s involvement in your life increases, and your skills in discernment deepen. Noticing and responding to His work in your soul enhances and deepens the trust-relationship between you and Jesus in every season of life.


  • Deepen Relationship With God

  • Grow in Trusting Others

  • Notice Blind-spots & God’s Activity

The core reason believers enter Spiritual Direction is to deepen in their relationship with God through honesty, prayer and conversation. The space of Spiritual Direction allows for you to learn indispensable truths about yourself and powerful points of personal connection with God. Because of this, Spiritual Direction can increase your ability to trust others in healthy and God-honoring ways. It can also help examine blind-spots and areas of needed connection to God and others, all while celebrating, leaning-on and partnering with God’s activity in you.

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Christian spiritual direction…help given by one believer to another that enables the latter to pay attention to God’s personal communication…to respond to this personally communicating God, to grow in intimacy with this God, and to live out the consequences of that relationship.
— Willam A. Barry & William J. Connoly, The Practice of Spiritual Direction