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New Location in Santa Cruz

New Location in Santa Cruz

We’re excited to announce that Soul-Care is opening an office location in beautiful Santa Cruz. Located at High Street Community Church on the West side, the Soul-Care office will provide a comfortable, inviting place of safety, rest, healing, and connection. Pastor Danny Wallen and the HSCC members have embraced Soul-Care.com and…

Rhythms of Discipleship and Rest

There are so many competing factors for our attention. Work. Relationships. Home-life. Finances. Success. Transition...

It can be so easy to neglect our souls deepest longing: we long to have a close, growing relationship with God.

With so many competing interests, struggles, and doubts and the greatest temptation is to neglect our souls.

 God calls us to live in Rhythms of Discipleship and Rest


Rhythm- Creating heathy practices that allow you to keep your heart tuned to how God is active in your life.


Discipleship- A calling to train ourselves and others in the way of Jesus. This involves not only learning under others in the faith, but by being discipled in relationship with Jesus.


Rest- Jesus modeled this as he rested from healing, from work, from teaching, and from busyness. He went up to the mountain to be with His heavenly Father. God calls us to Sabbath. 



If you would like to know more about how to enter into Rhythms of Discipleship and Rest contact our Spiritual Directors or begin the personal journey of embarking on a Soul-Care Retreat

Please click below if you would like more information.


Seasons of Suffering

Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life
— Jesus, Gospel of John 12.24-25

It sometimes bothers me that Jesus is so straightforward. 

There are seasons where we will face death before the final curtain. 

It can arise from a thousand different sources, but Jesus is honest: for the Christian, and every human being, there will be seasons of loss. Loss deep enough that it is like dying, a sort of spiritual dying. And it hurts. 

So simple...but He doesn't stop there.

For those who love Jesus, every form of death conceals life beneath. 

Just like a seed from a living tree falls to the earth. It dries up, sinks below the dirt, and is buried.


But our souls are like that seed. As they die, and the shell of the seed is cast away.

When the shell comes off, as it often does in suffering, new life begins. 


Nourishment comes from the soil. Refreshing water is drawn into the dry cells. Nature itself works to bring life to that little seed. 

It is the same with our souls. Suffering can feel like death. 

But our souls are being worked on, just like that seed, to bring us life.

In dependent relationship with Jesus, through prayer, journaling, struggle, conversation, and perseverance, the shell of our souls is shed. And we begin to be open, really authentically, honestly open to God.

We are exposed to the nourishing life of the Spirit of God in relationship with Jesus.

In this deepened relationship we can experience a personal relationship with God who made us, and begin to slowly grow.

Jesus led the way on the Cross, we follow Him.

These are the first steps of bearing fruit. 

If you would like to talk more to a Spiritual Director about this, don't hesitate to inquire below. 

Retreat Reflection

My retreat experience was amazing. It’s hard to describe in words…some of my favorite parts were the sunrises and sunsets. Seeing God’s radiance in the light transitions of evening and morning were full of wordless meaning. I can miss so quickly that God starts everyday with such a proclamation of Himself quietly behind the world. I wish to have more of this…

This is just a brief reflection from one of my Soul-Care Retreats years ago. Going on these types of retreats have provided specific set-aside time for me to draw near to God’s creation.

I have known for years that being in nature, walking, thinking and praying, has shaped my understanding of God and led my heart and thoughts to Him. Yet, so often I get bogged down in the busyness and pressures of life.

Soul-Care Retreats really help me to take a step back and reflect. By planning that time, I get to prioritize those special times between God and me.

I know I will never regret those sacred moments just with Him. My time could not be better spent.

See Packages for your chance to go on a personally designed Soul-Care Retreat that's right for you.