Values & Philosophy

Jesus – Personal relationship with Jesus is the center-point of Soul-Care's ministry. Our hope and goal is that all who desire may walk more intimately with Jesus through the concrete steps of retreat resources, spiritual direction and retreat ministry.

Evangelical Tradition – Based in the Evangelical tradition, Soul-Care seeks to respect and utilize the rich voices of faith that have come before us, as well as to seek out the points of integration with other Christian traditions—sharing the wealth of spirituality and practice—while discerning the Spirit’s work specific and solely for the Evangelical church.

Rest – God commanded and invited those who believe in Him to live a lifestyle of rest, with specific rhythms and personal habits of dependence which foster reliance on God’s Spirit in everyday moments.

Retreat – Even in the midst of the height of His ministry, Jesus went out to rest with God away from all who knew Him, this pattern of solitude and silence makes space in our soul for communion with God’s Spirit, and helps us trace His pattern and story in our everyday lives.

Spiritual Direction – A form of spiritual counseling where a guide, or spiritual director, enables a directee to pay attention to the work of God’s Spirit in their inner lives through everyday circumstances. Coupled with retreat and rest, a director multiplies the application and integration of God’s Spirit by helping a believer notice, rest in, and walk in the ways of God.

Prayer – Prayer is the life-source of the Spirit's movement in our personal and corporate lives. Prayer is where we commune with God, walk in His Light, experience His presence, and share His love with others.

Simplicity – Our goal is to create clear, easy, un-complicated ways to find and follow the invitation from Jesus to enter into His rest.

Accessibility – Coupled with simplicity, our aim is to create easily accessible ways to follow Jesus by removing any barriers, surfacing basic defenses and providing spiritual direction throughout, whether online or in person.

Discernment – At the core, God created humans to share deep relationship with Him and others, but sin and suffering has deeply clouded our current reality. Practicing discernment enables us to wade through the deeper sin, struggles and work of the Spirit, leading toward, communion, unity and fellowship.

Integration - Jesus desires us to live whole lives where our heart and head knowledge function as one. Integration can be a crucial role in healing and helping our convictions match our desires.

Experiential Learning – Personal experience is a powerful form of knowledge. Our hope is to enable and empower believers to find places of rest, on retreat or at home. Here believers begin to experience their rich theology by practicing the presence of God, and to deepen their communion with Him through developing rhythms of discipleship and rest.