Rest. Retreat. Restore.

To some, these words may be appealing.

You may wonder:

  • What would it be like to pay attention to the voice of God in my life if I could hear from Him?

  • What does it look like to go on a personal retreat?

  • How do I structure my times with the Lord?

  • How can I grow my conversations with God?


To others, these words may seem daunting.

You may wonder:

  • How can rest be productive or helpful?

  • How can I unplug from technology?

  • What will come up when I'm alone?

  • How do I listen and discern God’s voice when He seems far away?

Find answers to these questions and more through...

Soul-Care Retreat

A specific time set aside to be one-on-one, just you and God

Spiritual Direction

A trained Christian companion to meet with who can support, encourage and nourish your growing relationship with God

Soul-Care Resources

Explore our interactive map and other resources to discover the best way for you to rest with God...

We aim to be fellow journeyers with you.