Deluxe Example

1. Spiritual Direction Preparatory Session

Upon receiving this package, you will be sent a Survey. Once your survey is complete, it will be sent directly to your Spiritual Director, where he/she will review your survey and follow-up with a 45 minute session. This session will begin the process of enabling you to better hear from God within your life circumstances, respond to Him, grow in intimacy with Him, and observe the areas He is already tending to you or the areas you need tending.

2. Retreat Center Recommendations

  • Serra Retreat
  • New Camoldi
  • Hilltop

This includes basic information on what to expect and how to book a personal retreat at each Retreat Center.

3. Retreat Packet

Based on the preliminary session, you have chosen the focus of Grief.

4. Spiritual Direction Debrief Session

You will meet with your Spiritual Director shortly after you return and receive a 45 minute session of debrief. This includes reflection, how to enter back into life, and basic spiritual direction


It is important to prepare not only for re-entry, but also for maintaining a lifestyle that integrates rest. This includes an article, resource material, book recommendation, and option to continue in Spiritual Direction.