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Rhythms of Discipleship and Rest

There are so many competing factors for our attention. Work. Relationships. Home-life. Finances. Success. Transition...

It can be so easy to neglect our souls deepest longing: we long to have a close, growing relationship with God.

With so many competing interests, struggles, and doubts and the greatest temptation is to neglect our souls.

 God calls us to live in Rhythms of Discipleship and Rest


Rhythm- Creating heathy practices that allow you to keep your heart tuned to how God is active in your life.


Discipleship- A calling to train ourselves and others in the way of Jesus. This involves not only learning under others in the faith, but by being discipled in relationship with Jesus.


Rest- Jesus modeled this as he rested from healing, from work, from teaching, and from busyness. He went up to the mountain to be with His heavenly Father. God calls us to Sabbath. 



If you would like to know more about how to enter into Rhythms of Discipleship and Rest contact our Spiritual Directors or begin the personal journey of embarking on a Soul-Care Retreat

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