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What Happened in Whales…

Revival, Survival, And Everything Inbetween: Part I

I’ve always been intrigued by the old revivals of the past. From the Great Awakenings with John Wesley and Jonathan Edwards to the more recent movements with John Wimber and the Vineyard movement. I’m intrigued by our God who invades time and space. 

This morning I read a few chapters on the Welsh Revival from the early 1900’s and was reminded of that sacred interaction between us and God. In under one year, the Welsh Revival touched: 

All classes, all ages, and every denomination...Totals of converts added to the churches were ...70,000 in two months, 85,000 in five, and more than a hundred thousand in half a year...

The Revival united the denominations as one body, filled the chapels nightly, renewed family ties, changed life in mines and factories, often crowded streets with huge processions, abated social vices and diminished crime.
— The Flaming Tongue, J. Edwin Orr

These more powerful and overt movements of His Spirit lift my eyes to remember who God really is. Life can be dismal and monotonous, even blessings can be sorrowful at times, but these invasions of God’s Presence peak my interest. I’m drawn in to remembering, like the prophets exhorted Israel, Who it is that we serve, the power that He brings to everyday situations, and amazing things He’s already done in my story. 

Somewhere deep inside I am stirred. I long again to see God move in my personal, everyday life. I remember that He can move. That He does. That this is His desire

But, does this expectation minimize God’s presence and work in our everyday lives? (see Part II)

  • How have you experienced God’s presence moving closer to you?

  • How have you experienced God’s presence feeling further away from you?

  • How has the Holy Spirit moved in your life? In your church? Your family?

  • Share with us below!

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