Ever wonder what it would be like to find a quiet place away

from the noise of day-to-day life where there is space for rest with God?

To some, this may be appealing. You may wonder:

  • I feel ready. How do I structure time away?
  • How do I prepare for silence?
  • What type of retreat would be most helpful?


To others, this may seem daunting. You may wonder:

  • How can I unplug from technology?
  • What will come up when I'm alone?
  •  How can rest be productive or helpful? 

Find answers to these questions and more through...

Soul-Care Retreat

A specific time set aside to be one-on-one, just you and God

Spiritual Direction

A trained Christian companion to meet with who can support, encourage and nourish your growing relationship with God

Retreat Resources

Explore our interactive map and other resources to discover the best way for you to rest with God...

We aim to be fellow journeyers with you.